“You are that vast thing that you see far, far off with great telescopes.”   -Alan Watts

Every object has a story. A culmination of thousands of years of sunshine, intentions, hard work and happenstance that leads to a coming together of things. Materials mixed and modified result in objects that in turn support and affect our daily lives. Our contemporary culture is a story of determination leading to overabundance; materials once hardwon now taken for granted. These images investigate minutiae within our abundances, discovering beauty in the commonplace and at times in the disgusting. A greater appreciation for our multilayered abundances can temper our current and continual desiring for more.

In these unique cameraless photographs, I abstract aspects of my life by putting quotidian items into a photographic enlarger. Light shines through these objects and onto chromogenic paper, creating an inverted, enlarged version of something many of us use everyday. The paper shows us a new perspective on things we have grown accustomed to. In working this way the enlarger acts similarly to a microscope, and as the slightly-mad scientist I conduct experiments to gain information and show appreciation for these objects usually considered for their utility.


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