Jelly side up

This photo was Zaya's idea- I'd say it was a co-production. 
Seems she's doing that thing that medium-sized people do, which is to say she's loosing teeth. Lucky for us she is growing new ones too- big ones that seem to barely fit in her mouth at all. These teeth keep moving without asking permission from either of us. The tooth is hanging from a fine thread and suddenly the valued muffin with jelly is alarmingly painful to eat. Just when one begins to think they know what they can count on. Luckily, we came up with this work-around...

Long Ago

After going to an interesting lecture by Charlotte Cotton at Mills, I've begun reading a book by her- The Photograph as Contemporary Art. The photographer as interpreter of events, it seems. I fell in love with photography as it allows for wordless communication- ironic now as I come to terms with the importance of verbally communicating my thoughts on images.  
There is a fine line between a snapshot of my daughter and an image that goes beyond that. This one helps me remember what it was like being 7.