Nothing To See Here

I am super excited to be included in a show of four photographers at the San Francisco Art Commission Gallery entitled Nothing To See Here

The show opens next week, and is curated by Aimee LeDuc, who seems pretty wonderful. She came to my studio last month to look at my new photos and discuss her ideas for the show.  

As I see it, the primary connection between the four photographers selected is a desire to learn from landscapes usually passed over. With the continuing compartmentalization of our land photographers have plenty of opportunity to continue the subversive desire to document areas officially considered "uninteresting". Often utilized for human purposes, these locations are intended as a means not an end. This in itself is not a new interest in photography - what was new to me was Aimee's thoughts about the landscape as a stage. This idea being that in our contemporary "first-world lifestyle" we have separated ourselves from the land to such an extent (through digital media, cars, clocks, supermarkets and the rest) that the landscape becomes an option, something to enter into but not something to daily contend with. 

I'm fairly fascinated with this theory - a modern view of this historical relationship; one that sees us not necessarily as having lost, but instead having altered our perspective. 

Install of Nothing to See Here at SFAC Gallery

Meanwhile, an official thank you to Damian Taylor (now at Reprint Mint in San Leandro). Damian and his impressive Light Jet printer/processor helped me out in a couple of pinches while getting ready for this show- always with a smile. If anyone is looking for high quality digital C-prints in the Bay Area (up to 53" I believe) with a kind, flexible, knowledgeable printer at the helm, willing to work with the crazy artist’s timeline, I can't recommend Damian highly enough. Email: damian"at"reprintmint . com