Non-Mart fun

I had such a great time at the Non-Mart event! Not knowing quite what to expect, me and my assistant (daughter) brought in the screens, ink, squeegees, some extra shirts and thank goodness some rags...
Soon we were set up and ready to go and wonderful people of all sorts were ready with their garments and enthusiasm. It all became a bit of a blur... I can't tell you exactly how many shirts were screened - I can tell you that I got a wonderful scarf, some great jelly, and some very cool artwork in return for the fun. Not only that but once we were finished and cleaned up I got to try an awesome rum ball (or two) and watched some gorgeous live logo-removal.
I packed up and drove home in high spirits. A special thanks to Sasha Petrenko for putting this together and Jeff King for hosting the space. Can't wait to do it again next year.


It's become a seasonal tradition for me to make some craftier items for the fine Holidayland festivities at Blankspace Gallery. This year I got my hands dirty creating a few silkscreens of local freeway intersections. I've been screening onto items that have already been loved, as to keep with the Over-Again theme of bringing new life to used items. The process is fun - a potential replacement for the now (somewhat) antiquated process known as printing in the darkroom.
I'll also be at Non-Mart's Stop & Swap on the 19th, happy to add a freeway intersection to any clean piece of something that you bring in for me to embellish.
I'm loving all of the local art/craft holiday events that are sprouting up each year - wherever you live, you should check it out - support local artisans and the local stores that show their work. It's fun.
To see more of the over-again work, you can check out that blog here.