Headlands Show: Dreams and Reality

The In/Finite Hut and two In/Finite Potential photos are up as a part of a great show:  Reconnaissance at the Headlands Center for the Arts. The Hut is delighted to have now been presented on all three continents of the inner Bay Area - and very much likes being near the water. This show is full of solid, imaginative work worth the drive to go and see.  Up until March 9th. With the Headlands being one of the most beautiful places on earth; I recommend a visit.

Oakland Estuary

Arnold Point, I-80, Oakland, CA (32" x 40" Digital C-print, 2012)  

I was lucky enough to find some time last week to head out to take photos with my most wonderful photo-assistant / friend Jen. We had two nights out in a row which felt both fun and indulgent.  Part of why Jen is so wonderful to work with is because she seems to genuinely enjoy heading out to these strange locations and carrying around awkward bits of photo equipment while I keep walking or driving in circles, looking for something that seems like it could work.
One of my lessons in shooting this new work is how incredibly important the lighting is. This sounds foolish to me when I write it, like a photographer stating only the most obvious, but there seems to be a 10-15 minute window at twilight in which the colors become more saturated and everything takes on a surreal glow of sorts.
Detail: Arnold Point, I-80, Oakland, CA
The other beauty of working this way has been the unexpected nature of adventure. Just before taking this photo Jen and I had been carrying my equipment through the muddy bay-lands below. As the tide moved in deceivingly quickly, the ground beneath us suddenly swelled with water, and we found ourselves literally stuck in the mud. Suddenly I could hear my pulse in my ears, I imagined embarrassing phone calls and/or shoe loss as I struggled- and with that all the little things I had been worrying about all day were gone. Out of the mud! Quick! Retreat! We will find a spot from the shore, and go from there...