It's become a seasonal tradition for me to make some craftier items for the fine Holidayland festivities at Blankspace Gallery. This year I got my hands dirty creating a few silkscreens of local freeway intersections. I've been screening onto items that have already been loved, as to keep with the Over-Again theme of bringing new life to used items. The process is fun - a potential replacement for the now (somewhat) antiquated process known as printing in the darkroom.
I'll also be at Non-Mart's Stop & Swap on the 19th, happy to add a freeway intersection to any clean piece of something that you bring in for me to embellish.
I'm loving all of the local art/craft holiday events that are sprouting up each year - wherever you live, you should check it out - support local artisans and the local stores that show their work. It's fun.
To see more of the over-again work, you can check out that blog here.

That time of year

For those of you who don't know, once a year the wonderful Blankspace Gallery puts on a gift / art show. 
Not only are there a bunch of cool handmade unique gifts for sale at the show just in time for this holiday gift-giving season (including some made by yours truly), but in addition it is just a generally great place to see. 
The gallery is open F, S, S, from 12-7 up till christmas. And in case you missed the first one, there is another fun party coming up on sunday the 14th- So all should proceed at full speed. If you are really lucky, you may even be able to have your picture taken with a bearded hot-dog or two.