I'm excited to say that one of my new photos will be a part of the San Francisco Camerawork Auction, a fun once a year occurrence coming up on December 1st. The show is up now - an amazing grouping of photos and local talent. I've donated a slightly smaller than usual (24" x 30") version of Benicia Bridge/ Passenger Train. The last time I went to the auction there was a thrilling and serious atmosphere - Sean and I admired all the great photos that we couldn't quite afford to bid on, but could still enjoy. Now at their new beautiful location, I expect the atmosphere to be just as impressive. A catalog of all works donated can be found here.
Detail of: Passenger Train / I-80, Benicia, CA. 2012
A shortcoming of showing this work online is that there is much more detail in an image than is apparent. Above is a magnified detail of the Benicia Bridge image. The white and blue lines of light above my head are from a boat that went along the water during the exposure time - just around two minutes. The black along the wall at the bottom left of the frame are burn marks from people having  bonfires along the water (and under I-80) at this fairly amazing spot.