Channel Arts

With a grant from the Oakland Museum of California, my friend Emma Spertus and I are excited to be hosting free community-based art workshops at Peralta Park in Oakland as Channel Arts. These workshops focus on enjoying our public parks with a belief of art-making acting as an equalizer and a bringer of awareness of the space around us. Events are Friday afternoons from 4-6pm, and are hosted in Peralta Park, just a block away from the Oakland Museum, and right next to one of the many homeless encampments in our city.

Workshop Schedule:

June 22: Botanical Drawing + Plein Air, led by Paulette Humanbeing and Anne Seeman

June 29: Crochet Jam, led by Ramekon

July 20: Teacups and Clay, led by Emma Spertus

July 27: Cyanotypes and shadow, led by Johnna Arnold

August 17: Channel Flotilla Adventure, led by Steven Garen