Refinery, I-80, Hercules, CA 2013  

Two new reviews of my show up at Traywick Contemporary

In the first, via the East Bay Express, my photographs have been deemed "Risky & Rebellious"

"An up-close view of the photographs yields another curiosity: horizontal streaks of pink or red light — the trails of speeding cars, captured by long camera exposures. Further illuminating the transitional quality of these images, these streaks also call attention to the fact that not just the built environment but Arnold, too, must have kept perfectly still for the duration of the shots. Thus, she places her human subject in a relationship of curious equivalence with the structures that dwarf her."  - East Bay Express, April 24, 2013

And in the second, in the East Bay Monthly,

"Arnold's deliberate, stable compositions are the result of her careful consideration of these sites, along with the demands of her tripod-mounted 4-by-5 inch camera, and long exposure times (as phantom vehicles and streaked tailights attest); her methods and images hark back to photography's first century. Arnold breaks from the classical tradition, however, by inserting herself, in various guises, into the landscapes. The pleasure of recognizing Arnold's sites is doubled by the anticipation of spotting Arnold reacting to the location." - East Bay Monthly, May, 2013