Hot Damn! Things really are looking up

Well it turns out this truly is a most terribly fabulous world after all.
I'm still trying to get used to the fact that our country actually voted in a seemingly dreamy president that I personally am in total awe of. Despite this craze in the economy, things are looking bright. A brilliant & well balanced man is about to be officially inauguratedto run this gigantic country of ours and here I stand in a state of wonder and excitement and plain old this-must-be-too-good-to-be-true disbelief.  
But thats not all!  There is word from up high that things have suddenly gotten much, much, much better. According to the NYT (always my favorite reference point) it appears that we've suddenly had even more wonderful news. Overnight (literally) we've managed to end the Iraq War, indict Bush for high treason, repeal the Patriot Act, pass a national health insurance act, expand the NY city bike path system, pass a maximum wage law, while the United Nations passed a weapons ban and nationalized oil has decided to fund climate change efforts. 
& just in time for the holidays.
For validation of these amazing facts, check out this fine web site here. This web site is thorough and wonderful and worth checking out for the adds alone- so go
Brought to you, it is believed, by my very favorite pranksters The Yes Men.
And if you haven't yet, you should most definitely watch the movie.