In/Finite Potential  is a visual inquiry into the relationship between myself and the extensive network of freeways that have helped to shape my life. The work comes from a desire to recognize and appreciate the infrastructure which often goes under recognized, and a belief that this successful customizing of our surroundings has systematically altered our relationship with the land. The connection between our consumption and its effect on our environment is difficult to comprehend - easier to ignore.

I am fascinated by the contrast between these inhospitable structures of utility and a small, fleshy human such as myself. I look for unexpected beauty in these forbidden lands, as I trespass with a combined sense of research and rebellion. The structures appear ominous and unequivocal – yet by relating with them directly, their massiveness becomes absurd, their distance all to clear: creator and created, intention and reality.

By combining artificial lighting with the remains of twilight, and long shutter speeds with the legions of cars that never end - a place so often utilized can become foreign - possibilities unknown. My feelings for these freeways remain complex. I appreciate the actions necessary to create these structures: communal decision-making, resource sharing, and hard physical work. I have spent time admiring these concrete barriers, while reconciling with the seeming futility of my esteem. I have sung it songs, admired its unanticipated cracking, crawled between its massive retaining walls feeling the streams of cars jettisoning overhead, but as yet these freeway structures appear solemnly unaffected.

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