Getting There

This installation at Hayes Valley Art Works utilized the inside and outside of an industrial shipping container to present two perspectives on our insistence towards human transportation.  The location of this installation was where the Central Freeway once helped to connect the Bay Bridge to the Golden Gate before it was taken down after the Loma Prieta Earthquake.

The large psychedelic collage mounted to the outside of the container was created by shining light through a small amount of used motor oil (The Forms That Bring Me Here #10: Used Motor Oil). This mirrored orientation of something that was used by a car to reach its destination brings a loathsome substance full circle, to one that transcends.

Inside the shipping container a projected video, Bay Bridge Continuum, utilized a live CalTrans traffic feed of the Bay Bridge just a few miles away. By distilling visual data of the 270,000 vehicles that commute over the Bay Bridge daily, the viewer’s perspective on a common activity can be considered anew.

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