Expanding Space

Expanding Space is a work-in-progress that combines photography, meditation, and social practice. I began meditating regularly over two years ago. It has been an incredibly helpful tool as I work to feel hopeful and connected with others in what is becoming an increasingly anxious time. I have come to realize through my meditations how much my perceptions - the filter through which I see the world - frame my thoughts and actions.

The participatory experience is comprised of three parts. First, participants experience a guided meditation-journey written specifically for each site. Next, I collaborate with participants to capture an image of how they interacted with the place they imagined. Last, I edit these images to re-create a version of their imagined spaces. In an era when we are continually deluged with information, reinforcing participant’s imaginations solidifies otherworldly ideas and unrealistic imaginations.

Expanding Space was a part of the Oakland Museum of California’s Placekeeping Day in September 2018, and has since traveled to Agapolis for their Project Day in July 2019.