Everywhere All Around

“Over the course of his or her life, a typical member of a modern affluent society will own several million artifacts - from cars and houses to disposable nappies and milk cartons. There’s hardly an activity, a belief, or even an emotion that is not mediated by objects of our own devising.” - Yuval Noah Harari

“You are that vast thing that you see far, far off with great telescopes.” -Alan Watts           

In these unique cameraless photographs I abstract aspects of my life by putting quotidian items into a photographic enlarger.  Light shines through these objects and onto chromogenic paper, creating an inverted, enlarged version of something many of us use everyday. I am in awe of the mystery created by these images, full of complexity and nuance I could only imagine - a collaboration between myself and organic complexities that began with time. In working this way the enlarger acts similarly to a microscope, and as the slightly-mad scientist I conduct experiments to gain information and show appreciation for the unexpected beauty within these objects usually considered for their utility.  

The abundance of goods within our contemporary culture impresses and concerns me. Between our emphasis on new technologies and the steady streams of efficient production, it becomes easy to take materials once hardwon for granted. An anthropological investigation, the enlarger allows us to see these objects indicative of our contemporary lifestyle from a new perspective. Through heightened observation of these quotidian objects the magical beauty contained within them manifests to become overwhelmingly real.

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