Channel Arts is named after the channel that connects Lake Merritt to the Bay in Oakland, CA. Channeling spent the summer conducting free art workshops at Peralta Park, one block away from the Oakland Museum of CA and Lake Merritt BART Plaza. Now, we expand upon Channel Arts principle theme of art-making acting as an equalizer and a bringer of awareness of the space around us. Channel Arts is proud to present Channeling, a pop-up exhibition and festival of participatory projects allowing people from all backgrounds and ages to create and to celebrate the everyday places that we as a community share. With Channeling, we will fill Lake Merritt BART Plaza and our corner of OMCA’s Around the Block with fun, whimsy, life.

Channeling was created and organized by Emma Spertus and Johnna Arnold, and supported by a grant from OMCA.

Participants in Channeling, Saturday, September 29th 2018 11am-5pm

  • Infrastructure Stack, Emma Spertus,

  • Imagination is Everything, Johnna Arnold

  • Re-sounding, Steven Garen

  • Sanctuary Print Shop, Sergio De La Torre + Chris Treggiari

  • Boundaries and Selves, Ymy Sfumato

  • BART Plaza Botanical Drawing, Anne Seeman

  • Oakland Plein Air, Paulette Nichols

  • Kico’s Dance Sesh, Kico Le Strange

  • Dancing with the Environment, Maggie Silverman

  • Experimental Blueprints, Emily Gui